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Take Control of Your Sales Success


If you love sales, especially design/sales – Deborah Flates’ tips will help you increase your effectiveness, beat work overload and close more sales.

In these slower growth times, we all tend to speed up to try to generate more revenue. In my experience, doing just the opposite is much more effective, but research is now agreeing that the more we do some critical thinking and planning, the more focused our efforts are and the more we get done.

If we slow down enough to analyze our business needs and put systems in place, our businesses will generate much more income. It may sound counter-intuitive, but research shows a high level of analyzing and organization conserves energy and resources to focus on what really brings in business… selling!

Managing your business is as important as selling.

Analyze your current selling practices. Without analyzing we tend to repeat the same patterns that may not always serve us well. Are there things you could be doing more effectively? Do you have systems in place that streamline your efforts?
Systems used correctly can actually help to generate sales.

Slow down and analyze whether all you do during the work day is the most efficient and effective use of your time. Schedule time to take care of your emails, meetings, conference calls, and return telephone calls. Not only schedule it, but commit to it. Many times we find ourselves duplicating our efforts or starting a task only to be interrupted and not completing that task. By learning how to use simple software programs where all the information is centrally located and easily accessible can save from 30 minutes to 2 hours of precious time a day. Add that up and you could save up to 10 additional hours a week.

Putting systems or processes into place mean less lost productivity, less stress AND more time to invest generating revenue. We all get caught up in the “I’m too busy” syndrome, but by slowing down a bit, analyzing your needs and putting sound systems in place will give us more time to focus on what makes us (and our company) MONEY!

I always say that good solid systems followed daily help me to be more efficient. So take control of your time and increase your effectiveness.

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