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Great Photos Help Your Brand

Karla Krengel of Krengel and Hood Agency ask this question – “are you getting the most from the photos of your work?”
As a manufacturer’s representative for a cabinet company, ten years ago Karla Krengel struggled to
get her dealers to photograph their jobs. With the strong presence of social media today she finds that most dealers now photograph their design work. But Karla wants her dealers to step it up a notch – take photography that helps to build the their brand. Here is how:
Karla says, “No one can argue consumers do a ton of research online; so I say it is time to let your personality and creativity shine through via those images! Jaclyn Wike of Studio Swann, a kitchen dealer in Chicago, recently remodeled the cooking school kitchen of the 3rd largest Whole Foods in the world. We worked with photographer Mike Kaskel and really took some clever shots which Jaclyn is
using and will use for social media posts, on postcards to potential clients and on her web site. Below is one example.
This is a great photo of Jaclyn Wike, AKBD (right) & Designer / Project Manager Julie
Gillespie (left) who works for Jaclyn at Studio Swann. An engaging twist on the “typical”
company shot, they used this image on their web site. Realtors have been using their
images on their business cards for years, and it is oh-so-important to use your image, at the
very least, on your web site!  And remember you are in the design industry. Your photo
should be creative or “designer-ish”  You do not want to look like a banker!”
Karla has more to share on this topic, so stay tuned for more examples in the upcoming weeks.
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