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Working with Keercutter – Providing people solutions for the decorative building products industry

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Lynn & Brian Kirchgatter
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Working with Keercutter – Part I

We specialize in the decorative building products industry, representing companies that manufacture cabinets, countertops, decorative plumbing, tile and flooring. We have a high-end custom kitchen cabinet background, and understand the unique challenges of manufacturers, wholesalers, dealers and candidates in these categories. We have visited many, many manufacturing sites and showrooms alike, and have a far-reaching social network of decorative building products contacts. We have been active members of the KCMA and the NKBA. We attend KBIS and IBS; we make an effort to meet our clients and candidates face-to-face at every show.

How does Keercutter get hired to do a search?

Manufacturers contact Keercutter when they have a need to fill a new position, or replace an existing employee. Keercutter is then paid a fee when one of our candidates (like you) is hired by our client.

What does the interview process look like?

Keercutter acts as an extension of our clients’ HR Departments; we interview to their job specifications. We select and present the three top candidates that fit the hiring criteria, and stay in the process with a candidate from beginning to end.

What we do for our candidates:

• We review your resume, providing deep insights on framing your successes.
• We interview you, discuss the opportunity as a whole to identify early on whether it is a fit for you and your family, and determine if we keep moving forward.
• We develop a cover letter that matches our client’s requirements.
• We request a list of references.
• We coordinate all the interviews through the entire process.
• We prep you for the interviews. We also prep our clients.
• We request that you contact us by phone, shortly after you interview to debrief. Email is not the best form of communication for a debriefing conversation; we want to speak directly with you.
• We provide feedback to the candidate, as we want to make sure that both sides of the relationship desire to move the process forward.

Who are our clients?

Our clients are mid-sized and larger manufacturers, wholesalers and dealers specializing in the decorative building products. We know them well. We know their culture. We know the hiring manager and his/her management style. We know the company business model and strategy. So, this gives us an advantage because we have the access and the relationship with decision-makers. This is good news for you, the candidate, because we can provide you better insight and coaching through the process.

Is all information confidential?

Yes, confidential for both our client and the candidates.  Keercutter does not discuss what we learn from you with anyone else. Period.  That means that we also expect our candidates (you) to work within the scope of the confidential process for several reasons:

• The kitchen and bath industry is a small community.  Everyone knows everyone. Trust us when we say – if you tell one person, and it gets back to our client – you will be removed from the process at their request. So mum is the word.
• Companies prefer to have someone lined up to hire BEFORE they terminate the relationship with their employee.
• We can’t say it enough that confidentiality is important – this means every detail of the engagement.

Next Thursday we will share the rest of our process and how to work with the Keercutter – Part II.  See you then….


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