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Working with Keercutter Part II

What if my resume doesn’t present me well?

Keercutter will give you feedback on your resume. We will provide a simple outline to follow. If you are in sales – make sure your sales accomplishment in terms of $$$’s or %’s is on your resume. Don’t worry about keeping your resume to one page. It is content that counts.

How hard could a phone interview really be?

Telephone interviews are more challenging than face-to-face interviews. Keercutter will provide a “Tip Sheet” to help you through those both phases. Please take the phone interview seriously — we could tell you horror stories of those who think they know better and then fail to take their candidacy to the next step. Don’t try to wing it. You will lose.

Once I engage with the company, why do I need to keep Keercutter involved?

Once we have started an interview process with a company, we want to make sure that our candidates (you) are truly vested and interested in moving forward. Why, because our client also wants to know how truly interested you are. Please keep us updated on other opportunities that you are pursuing as well, especially if other processes start to move faster than the one Keercutter is representing.

Is it a good strategy to work with Keercutter and directly with the client company?

Our clients have “outsourced” the search to Keercutter for a reason. It is not a good strategy for the candidate (you) to call the client directly without discussing it with Keercutter. Your intentions may be interpreted as someone who does to follow protocol. Remember, every move you make is subject to interpretation.  So do what you say you have done, can do and will do. No exceptions.

Talking about money is hard; how can Keercutter help me with that piece?

Most of the time, Keercutter is presenting the offer on behalf of our clients.  Sometimes our client prefers to present the offer.  But just in case Keercutter cannot do that for you, we provide a “Tips Sheet” on how to negotiate the offer without insulting your potential employer. The best advice is to not make demands. Learn to couch your income requirements in a way that is palatable.

Do candidates still use an offer from a new company as leverage to get a raise from their existing employer?

With as much talent that there is out there, those days are pretty much over.  It is risky to use an opportunity with another company as a means to secure a better compensation package.  In today’s climate, most companies will walk away.  Remember, there is a large pool of talent standing right behind you waiting for the opportunity to say yes to an offer.

What should I do if I am considering a position that requires relocation?

If you are contacted about a position that involves relocation, talk to your family first before wasting the client’s money and your time to interview for the position.  Have an idea of what you want in a relocation package.  Every company is different in terms of how they help with the relocation.  Some companies help with housing cost, some don’t.  Some companies hire a 3rd party relocation team to help you. Some expect you to take care of it yourself.  If you have never moved, start having this conversation early, so that you know what to expect when it is time to negotiate an offer.

When should I contact Keercutter?

Feel free to call or email Keercutter any time, especially if your contact information changes.  You can upload your resume through our website, or email it directly to us. You can also follow Lynn, Brian and Keercutter itself on Twitter and LinkedIN to stay in the loop on the latest industry trends and job openings. Also, visit our website at

Remember that in a career change or job search, timing is everything and eventually the right search will come along.


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