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What is the PERFECT Format for a Resume’ Anyway?


At Keercutter, we wade through hundreds of resume’s a week. Many are well written, in an easy-to-read and understandable format, but many of them also make me wonder. We see:

• Resume’s that cram 20 years of work experience into one page
• Resume’s that separate their accomplishments from the company, so that there is no true frame of reference for the reader
• Resume’s that are “over –designed” with color and texture
• Resume’s written like a book – small font, wide margins
• Resume’s where “I” statements just pop off the page
• Resume’s where the contact information in scattered top and bottom or where addresses are withheld

It is a dilemma for job seekers. They are trying to tell their story in the best way possible. Colleges and universities advise their graduates one way, professional resume’ writers advise another way, and recruiters yet another. Or they can search the web and find even more advice.  Everyone has an opinion, but whose opinion matters the most? At Keercutter, we think the best advice comes directly from the person who has a vested interest in hiring the RIGHT person for the job – the hiring manager.  The person that job seekers are trying to impress.

So hiring managers, please tell us – job seekers need and want to know – what are your pet peeves when you are reading a resume’ and what format do you prefer?

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