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Where Have All the Kitchen Designers Gone?


Keercutter has had many conversations with both designers and employers over the past few years. And it seems that more than ever, there is a need for kitchen designers. But where are they? Where have they gone? And why don’t they answer the ads? Some of the problem may be right in front of us. Here is what we consistently hear through discussions with our customers.

Top 3 “Wants” for Dealers who hire Designers:

• A designer who can be in their showroom 6 days a week – 9-5PM. Sometimes Saturday’s by appointment.
• A designer to manage the entire process – design, sell, order, field measure
• Pay based on draw and commission with some benefits

The Top 3 “Wants” for Kitchen Designers before they will consider a new opportunity:

• They want a flexible work schedule and/or the ability to work from home
• The dealer to carry their favorite product line
• They want to be compensated with base salary, commissions and benefits

Does this sound familiar? And who is going to win this battle? Do dealers need to change their business model to attract designers? Do designers have the upper hand because they possess the technical skills that the showrooms desire? Inquiring minds want to know – what do you think?

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