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Be the Ideal Candidate!

Be the Ideal Candidate
Using the 3S-system for a Resume Tune-up
Part One of a Two-part Series


As professional recruiters, we are often asked about the keys to writing a “killer” resume. We have found through the years that it really boils down to three things: keeping it simple, being as succinct as possible, and focusing on your successes. We recommend crafting a document that is easily digested by the reader, and focuses on accomplishments.

To prepare for your 3S resume tune-up, we encourage you to focus on the right audience; the recruiters will not be hiring you, the hiring manager will. Keep the messaging and terminology on-point with the hiring manager. Remember, you generally have 20 seconds to capture the hiring manager’s attention with your resume.

Following is our 10-point resume tune-up prep checklist; how does your resume measure up?

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• Your resume should be between one and three pages in total length, depending on the longevity of your career. But seriously, don’t worry too much about length – focus on the content.
• Use one simple, conservative font (like Arial – 11-12 point).
• Use BOLD, ITALICS and BULLETS to highlight and draw attention to your successes; draw the eye to that part of your resume that will “hook” the reader.
• Use succinct phrases; full sentences generally are not read.
• Try not to use “I” statements; substitute “we” or “team” statements.
• Avoid fancy boxes or outlines around a subject; keep the format simple and straightforward.
• If you are a web designer or kitchen designer, develop a portfolio to showcase your work. Don’t use your resume to communicate your successes; use a highly-visual portfolio to have more impact.
• Add hyperlinks to your portfolio, website, LinkedIn® profile or other social profiles, where appropriate. Note: you should not link to social sites where most of your content is personal in nature.
• Spell out every position you held within a company; be sure to include length of time you held that position.
• If you have gaps in employment – contact us directly: Lynn @ 641.243.8352 or Brian @ 641.243.8353. We will help you address this.

OK, how are we doing so far? Is your resume hitting most of the recommendations in the 10-point prep checklist? If not, you’re not alone. Most resumes don’t measure up. Keeping the checklist in mind, we will step through how to tune-up your resume so that it’s simple, succinct and has a focus on success in our next blog!

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