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Do Your Homework First


You are thrilled to land this interview, right? It seems to be the perfect fit – the perfect company. But, do you really want this job? Keercutter can tell you that the hiring manager will want to understand WHY you think you are that perfect match.

So what do you do first? Don’t pick out your wardrobe – do your homework first. One of the most “overlooked” pieces to the job interview process is RESEARCH –  so that you have an overall “understanding” who this company truly is BEFORE you step through their front door.  Do they align with your personal and professional values? Find out first and foremost “why” you believe this company is a good match for you.

Knowledge from your research will alleviate your discomfort during the interview. Feeling uncomfortable almost always reflects a lack of self-confidence and uncertainty and that uncertainly will be obvious during the interview.  There is only one way to overcome your discomfort and that is prepare, prepare, prepare.
• Gather all of the information possible from your resources about the company and the hiring staff.
• Scour their website for company history and value statement.
• Seek information about their culture, reputation as an employer, who the competitors are and what differentiates them.
• Now, compare what you learned about that company to your work life expectations. Is the work culture collaborative or competitive? Is there a work life balance? Where can you make a difference? Where do you match?
• Then prepare to weave what you have learned into your interview conversations.
You will be surprised how much more “at ease” your conversation will be when you are not in “wing it” mode.

This week inquiring minds want to know: What resources would you use to research a new opportunity?

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