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Do You Know Your Sales Numbers?


Your resume’ is just about the only occasion when you can actually “brag” about yourself and people will listen.  And companies want to hire successful sales influencers and closers who were able to convince them by “bragging”.  During an interview, they are anxious to discuss your sales accomplishments. Did you hit your sales goals? Did you sell beyond your goals? Or maybe they want to know how you measure your performance? Or they want to know what success looks like to you or how much money is enough for you? Great sales people readily know this stuff and can also offer strong data to support their claims. But unfortunately this is not the norm.  It is the exception. Companies receive thousands of resumes from candidates with a sales background that do not supply their sales accomplishments expressed in dollars, percentages or numbers. So what happens to those resume’s?  Most times they are disregarded. Those candidates are not going to get a call for an interview. So inquiring minds want to know: Why are so many sales people not aware that they should and/or do not know their sales numbers?



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